about NSR

New Silk Roads (NSR) is a multi-faceted urban research project that explores the nascent urban conditions emerging in rapidly expanding and transforming Asian cities and regions.

Through a nomadic practice, Kyong Park has conducted a series of sequenced expeditions through transitional regions and cities between Istanbul and Tokyo, documenting his encounters of the people and landscape through photography, video, and audio/video interviews of local and international experts

The project is an examination of territorial conditions that constructs the interconnected system of the contemporary Asian landscape. Approaching urban cities as an ecology of built systems, structures and institutions, NSR presents alternate understandings of urban research and theory through artistic practice.

Our work embraces informal and emergent structures of the city to show that the multiplicity of urban processes and actors exceed single-minded domination of city construction by architects or planners. Some of the key investigations are: transnational migration; the rise of supranational economic and legal institutions; evolution of extraterritorial zones and the social and spatial effects of globalization, centered particularly on the digital exchange of economic trade (i.e. information/capital/services) that are weightless and immaterial, yet guides the conditions of exchange and the links and partitions within and outside continental Asia. The research itself is not intended to be comprehensive, but case studies of particular points of connection.

NSR aims to translate such research into a visual language that can represent the complexity of the connections themselves. Through spatial and network mappings, time-based and data-driven visualizations, and dynamic constructions of information in visual, graphic form, NSR will translate information gathered through research into a visual expression of complex systems of contemporary Asia.

NSR Expedition 1
July 20 — October 2, 2007
Shanghai > Singapore > Seoul > Tokyo > Guangzhou >
Foshan > Dongguan > Shenzhen > Hong Kong > Macau > Beijing

NSR Expedition 2
December 17, 2007 — January 7, 2008
Istanbul > Delhi > Dubai

NSR Expedition 3
September 1-25, 2008
Buchara, Samarqant, Toshkent [Uzbekistan] >
Almaty > Astana [Kazakhstan]