Kyong Park: From Urban Ecologies to the New Silk Roads
A conversation with Octavio Zaya
Atlantica Magazine
Spring 2009

"...Life is again nomadic, in this geography of the infinitely ephemeral and temporary, which is the true tenet of globalisation if you will. Nothing is absolute anymore, in this post-ideological life ruled by neo-liberalist self-gratification, which is already trading your grandchildren's air, water, and food as “futures” in commodity markets. As the world becomes more outsourced and offshored, the real issue is our inability to locate our sovereignty, identity, and home in one fixed space and time. With everything becoming relational, it makes no further sense to observe the world from one fixed location. And what 24260 taught me was that I myself must become nomadic, if my practice was to get a real sense of our urban and cultural landscape, which is a continual transformation and movement from one city to another, and from one nation-state to another. Nomadic practice is a necessary paradigm for the documentation, examination, and representation of contemporary cultures. Therefore, what I am doing now has absolutely no relation with the work I did at StoreFront, which was prolonging a static view within a very unstable world...(more)"

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