Cities Sprawl Endlessly while Geography Changes Constantly

Nsr on Vimeo.

Cities Sprawl Endlessly while Geography Changes Constantly shows two kinds of metamporphosis. One is a collection of exploding cities—Dehli, Istanbul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Seoul and Tokyo—how they have grown from early 1900s until few years ago. Rendered in dynamic animations, this collection illustrates that cities behaves more like an organic form, unlike as it was described as machines during the Industrial Age. One other animation, "Expandition," present how the standard geography of Asia contracts and expands, depending on the movement of migration, capital, resources and travels takes place between different regions and locations of the continent. For example, labor movements from different countries into United Arab Emirates causes these nations to physical get closer to Dubai, thereby changing the shape of the whole continent. Since no geographical mapping in 2-dimensional depiction is completely accurate, our animation that contorts the continent according to various kinds of movement presents the "real maps of Asia," maps that shows how Asia actually functions and perceived by its occupants and users. In addition, we suggest that Asia cannot be depicted by one standard map. Instead, Asia can truly be 'mapped' by many maps that changes according to time and subject, as geography is no longer a static substance or terrain.