The Map of Original and Final Collectivism

The Map of Original and Final Collectivism offers a unique opportunity to view virtually the entire geographical territory of Asia within one physical space. Unlike the computer monitor display of geographic territories, this physical display offers the rare sense of seeing the whole continent in one view, as well as each city in recognisable resolution. It gives us the notion that the greater amount of visual information requires a larger screen size, which still cannot match what actual space can offer. Perhaps future digital display systems will so enlarge the virtual display surface that it will be able to rival physical space. The Map of Original and Final Collectivism, therefore, brings together the technological “edge” of our digital display systems with the spatial limitations of the natural display system. From a different point of view, The Map of Original and Final Collectivism suggests the need for digital display systems that can present images as large as this map, capable of displaying interactively all the data, research, analysis, and visualisations presented in the other spaces of this exhibition. This may be the ultimate potential of this project, but at some distant future, and with much more human and financial resources.